Monday, 13 July 2009

Response to Fred's posting about Perthes' disease

This is Jane, in Nicaragua on a field trip, and with an unusually strong internet connection despite the rain, and time while I wait for something to charge on my computer, so I came here and read this. It's so interesting to hear about a 'modern' case of Perthes' disease - I never really understood what it was, and it's good to hear that it can now be treated so relatively easily and so successfully. Something that also comes through - so like some of the more 'old time' reports, is the importance of parents' being able to help children to get back to normality again. One of the things that strikes me about so many of our contributions is how people have taken in their stride - pun intended! - what on paper might look like quite awful experiences in childhood, but which people have not only survived but turned into good memories.
Jane F